Service Offerings

Executive Coaching
Experienced, intuitive pragmatic, results-oriented executive leadership coach.  Options include personal one-to-one coaching and team coaching.  Helping executives create thriving corporate cultures producing sustaining leadership results in a fast-paced global environment.

As a Professional Business and Executive Coach, we are frequently contacted by individuals, families, and organizations looking for guidance on such wide-ranging topics such as how to develop executive leadership skills, resolve conflicts, develop strategies, successfully acquire and/or merge businesses, develop strategic plans, build successful teams, lead innovation and change, and develop next generation leaders.

Teach members about organizational culture and change-management
Promote member's acceptance of, and readiness for, organizational change
Improve group problem-solving skills and decision-making effectiveness
Strengthen cooperation and communication in implementing change programs
Drive the business forward increasing its overall performance and scalability

Interim Management
Cor Performance offers the flexibility of outsourced performance and management strategy, along with planning and implementation, so that you can focus on your mission-critical projects.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? If so, turn to Cor Performance to solve your problems and grow your business.

  You are a small to mid-size company, you know you can grow, but you do not have the right resources to develop or implement a strategic plan.
  You want to enter a new market, or roll-out a new product, but you do not want to commit to hiring a full-time employee to complete the go-to-market  strategy.
  Your business is taking off and you feel you need a formal marketing plan to guide you, but you do not have the time to write one.
  You are not sure that you have the correct organizational structure or key personnel to grow as your business grows.
  You want senior marketing talent on your team, but cannot afford to attract and retain the expertise you need on a permanent basis.