Tess Kastning delivers her razor-sharp analysis in a pleasant way, and her fast approach forces clients to focus and to shift to the next level. Tess knows unconscious, invisible group dynamics!

Over 20 years of change management experience and creating breakthrough performance during executive team coaching has Tess being requested for workshops on mergers, strategic off-sites, and other critical top transitions with a wide organizational scope. Tess knows how to make sure leaders donít stand in their own way.

As an expert facilitator and designer of change management interventions, Tess brings the right people together, asks the questions that lay on the edge of the clients' awareness and creates the time for the required dialogues. After designing interventions engineered to the specifications of your leadership team, Tess moves the team forward through her strong support, logic, and no-nonsense way of thinking.

Tessís personal goals for executive team coaching include being a productive and pleasant partner for her clients; while bringing out the best in executives and expanding their own potential.
Tess is a C-level advisor others feel comfortable introducing to their CEO for board development, CEO development, or executive coaching.

Components of her work range from executive leadership assessments, optimizing individual emotional intelligence, aligning personal style with organizational and market demands to creating executive team alignments and coalitions; as well as analysis of board dynamics.

Tess excels at demystifying the persistent people patterns (structures, processes, skills, identities, values, practices, rituals, beliefs), and zooms to the heart of what gets executives unstuck. During her work, Tess Kastning connects the dots between the way individuals and groups evolve, the way organizational systems work, and the client's business realities.